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For longer than I'd like to admit, we've made toffee and sweet treats for special gifts or events.  And as I became busy with my family and my job, I was always on the look-out for truly special gifts that could replace my handcrafted treats.  But mostly I found high volume, manufactured candies that tasted okay, but didn’t give the same personal “made for you” connection.  We started Sunset Bay Candy with the idea we would make homestyle candies to offer you an option to make that sweet connection by giving mouthwatering handmade gifts. What better way to connect and to show you care?  Our signature candy is buttercrunch toffee.  But we love variety, so we also hand make delicious chocolate barks, oven roasted nuts, candy cakes and a number of chocolate dipped goodies. Our mission is to help build personal connections by giving mouthwatering

Candies Handmade From The Heart.